PEÑASCAL ICE, el aperitivo perfecto

18 de May de 2017

Overflowing with youth. Delicious from the very first sip. Designed to be enjoyed whilst sat outside on a terrace, as an aperitif that stretches out until dinnertime. Peñascal Ice is a product with lots of personality that should be served very, very cold.

Peñascal Ice is an attractive raspberry colour, it is bright with purple highlights that denote its youth.
It shows a strong presence of red fruits like strawberries along with floral notes offering vivacity and freshness to the whole.  It is both sweet and fresh on the palate. Balanced with flavours of red fruits, strawberries and sweeter notes of cherry that come together to create a zippy wine that is enjoyable from the first sip.

When and how should it be enjoyed?

Very, very cold. Between 6 and 8ºC. It's perfect to enjoy as an aperitif. It can also be served alongside all kinds of rice, pasta and seafood dishes, white meats and fish.
Produced from Tempranillo and Cabernet grapes that are harvested at night to preserve all their fruit character, and gently pressed. The must is fermented at low temperature, with specific yeasts that are monitored through daily tastings.  The fermentation is stopped by chilling the must in order to maintain the desired characteristics in the wine.

Grupo Bodegas Palacio 1894 has launched Peñascal Ice to offer the on-trade an innovative product, with added value, ideal for consuming during the spring and summer.